Who Is Brian Everhard?

Who Is

Brian Everhard?

I have been privileged to be a creative part of developing and marketing over 20 subdivisions that I am pleased to say are all successful. To take a piece of raw land and develop it to the point that I can hand the keys to someone’s new home is totally gratifying.

In over 40 years as a Real Estate Broker, I have never been more excited as to see how technology is opening our world to possibilities never imagined in my lifetime. The speed at which we can now get the information needed to do a better job for our clients is intoxicating. And the best is yet to come.

I am thankful to have been attracted to the opportunity of a cloud based real estate company that is using new technology to disrupt the norms of the Real Estate industry. Just as the technology of Netflix’s streaming video disrupted Blockbuster’s business model, so this pioneering, 100% cloud-based company, LPT Realty has gone from barely 200 in 5 states a few years ago to over 6,000 in under 18 months. There must be some good reasons why.

My mission is to attract the people that most need to see how this business model can make a life changing difference in their business and personal lives!

The future of Real Estate is fully packaged for you to use right here, right now!